2419 Franklin Drive Mesquite, TX 75150  Phone: (972) 288-2680 | Cell: (214) 400-7372

HISTORY تاريخنا

Founding تأسيس المركز

In 2008 a group of dedicated brothers decided to create Mesquite Islamic Center to give everyone who is interested, the opportunity to help those in need. Helping the community grew to become a permanent part of the lives of our members.

The MIC used to be a school called “Meadowview Christian School” that taught bible studies to the disabled children. It had been there since the 1950’s. Now, it is, Alhamdulillah, a full time masjid and a school that teaches Quran and Arabic studies for adults and children. We hold lectures and events several times a week.

New Masjid Construction مشروع البناء

Our need for more space is becoming a reality! Alhamdulillah, then Thanks to our generous donors were able to start planning phase of the new Masjid Project. (more information to follow soon inshallah