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MIC Youth Group’s objective has always been to develop young Muslim into responsible adults, hone their thinking within the Islamic framework, and shape their Islamic personalities to face the challenges that await them in life. In unison, the aim is to teach proper respect and manners towards their parents, friends, elders, community and people of other faiths, in the way mandated by our Creator, Allah (SWT), and HIS Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

To Mention some of the things that the Youth Group aims to achieve are:

  • Prepare the youth for facing the University/Collegiate coursework by following an undergraduate paradigm of teaching and learning.
  • Polish speaking skills needed to succeed in the real world.
  • Sharpen analytical skills and abilities.
  • Deepen the level of knowledge in Islamic theology, culture, history and civilization.
  • Illustrate and put into practice better behavior, ethics and strive to improve the relationship with the creator Almighty Allah in regards to prayer (Salah) fasting (Syam) reading Qur’an.
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual respect between peers.
  • Provide an understanding of gender and familiar roles according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah.
  • Offer individual attention and guidance to students facing any issues and challenges whether they be academic, social, economic or otherwise.
  • Through student participation, create an atmosphere where discourse would be of interest to all.